Let’s give our children a brighter future.

Your one single act of kindness today

can make all the difference for a child’s tomorrow.

The children of Jaco represent our future, but many are at serious risk – facing challenges that threaten their opportunities to live rich full lives:

More than 50 percent of our
community’s children have
only one parent at home.

Many are raised by single
mothers who work
6 days a week.

At an average wage of
$500 to $600 a month,
daycare is unaffordable.

That leaves so many children unsupervised and on the streets
many hours a day – especially after school, weekends, and in
the summer – not an ideal environment for learning and growth.

Without supervision, these children can become victimized, be attracted to drugs, or begin participating in criminal activities.

Academy of Leadership & Futbol:

Empowering and inspiring our children

We Provide:

A safe, fun, supervised environment

– to keep children off the streets and away from drugs and criminal
activities during times they’d otherwise be unsupervised.

Programs to nurture, educate, and inspire

these beautiful young children, led by amazing coaches and teachers.

Standards of Excellence program

to empower our children to become the leaders of tomorrow, graduate
from high school, and attend college.

Our goal is to provide leadership and soccer programs to 1,000 kids in 2017.

Please help. 100% of your donation goes to supporting these programs!

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*100% of all donations go directly to helping these children who desperately need our support.

“Education is the key to unlocking the world,
a passport to freedom and a life of fulfillment.”

― Oprah Winfrey is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our children become the leaders of tomorrow. We provide leadership and soccer programs after school, weekends and during summer vacation, filling the void during the times our children are at the highest risk of being victimized or drawn into negative and criminal activities